Aquarium La Rochelle, the magic of the Atlantic

Uncover the secrets of the sea

The plan for the day: to explore the sea and its mysteries during two hours of dreamily discovering the sea at the Aquarium La Rochelle. It’s one of the biggest aquariums in Europe. This visit was set in stone as one of the must-sees of the weekend. Because the weather was great, we planned it for the end of the day to take advantage of the great opening times. It’s open until 11pm in summer.

We enter the big glass building located in the heart of the town, opposite the Old Port. We’re immediately plunged into the magical world of the oceans. From sharks to turtles and shimmering tropical-coloured fish from the Atlantic, all of the ocean’s heroes are there. There are more than 12,000 marine animals in 3 million litres of water. The kids are captivated and run around the different zones in awe. Thus, they take advantage in the underwater cave, the magic carpet, the games…

The Gallery of Lights plunges us into a unique, innovative space to discover the phenomena of light in the depths of the ocean. Impressive!

After our dive in the ocean, we return to dry land through a tropical forest rich with palm trees, climbing plants, tree ferns and orchids, where the fresh water pools are home to turtles and piranhas.

A magnificent adventure and a fantastic activity for kids in La Rochelle!


Aquarium of la Rochelle

Aquarium La Rochelle, Quai Louis Prunier, La Rochelle, France