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Here, you’re in the land of cognac, pineau des Charentes and Charente wines. Rows of vines shape the landscape and offer something different to do. From Place François 1er to the quaysides of the Charente, you can explore Cognac, Ville d’Art et d’Histoire (Town of Art and History), by wandering its cobbled streets lined with half-timbered houses and 19th century mansions. The town’s destiny has been inextricably linked to its world-renowned spirits. Find out exactly how it is made at one of the prestigious cognac merchant halls. Choose from Baron Otard, Camus, Hennessy, Rémy Martin, Martell and Meukow in the city centre, or Courvoisier in Jarnac. In winter, venture into the warmth of the distilleries where passionate winemakers offer visitors the magical opportunity to get up close to the stills.

Winding its way through this beautiful land with its wonderful way of life, the Charente River gives boating enthusiasts the chance to enjoy peaceful cruises on traditional gabarres or travel further afield on houseboats. Manual locks, fisheries and small stone bridges punctuate the journey. Stop off at Châteauneuf-sur-Charente to swim in Bain des Dames; the boat-making village of Saint-Simon; Bassac, to visit its thousand-year-old abbey; and Jarnac, where the former President of France François Mitterrand was born and where you’ll find a museum dedicated to him.

Immerse yourself in the Gallo-Roman history of this multifaceted land. On the old Via Agrippa in Saint-Cybardeaux, you’ll find the Théâtre des Bouchauds on a forested hill, its information centre looking out over the surrounding countryside. Feel free to explore this Gallo-Roman site with your family, smartphone in hand, thanks to the Terra Aventura geocaching trail! If you still wondering what to do in and around Cognac… why not put one of the many festivals in your diary? They’re held all year round in Cognac. Choose from Blues Passions and the Fête du Cognac in July, the Coup de Chauffe in September, the Festival Polar in October and plenty more besides.


What to see and do in Cognac


In Sireuil, Jarnac and Cognac, you can hire houseboats to explore the Cognac region via the river.

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