France's most monumental and well preserved Gallo-Roman thermal baths !
Chassenon - Charente, between Angoulême and Limoges

A unique place to visit : the Gallo-Romans thermal baths of Cassinomagus are some of the best preserved antique monuments in Europe. Cassinomagus is a vast archeological park to be experienced with your children : thermal baths' guided tours, walk in an antique garden, area dedicated to Gallo-Roman games, discovery of archeological excavations…

WHAT'S NEW in 2020
- A virtual reality tour of the temple, with a french speaking guide: an unprecedented visit of the remains of the lost temple: experience an immersion in time with the new virtual reality helmets.
- the "Path of the gods": Embark on an adventure, during a fun quest to discover the mythology of Antiquity: challenges, manipulations, puzzles to solve with your roadbook… and exclusive access to the maze that will lead you to the temple (french).
- Tepidariums' dinners: 4 special summer evening dinners inspired by ancient times - menus, prices and timetables to consult on the website
- Tessela: Family and school workshop on antique mosaic

Visits and activities in 2020 :
- Guided tours or visit with audioguides (in french, english, german)
- Virtual reality tour of the temple
- Antique costumes for children
- Antique gardens and outdoor games for adults and children

Event dates in 2020 :
- 11th, 12th and 13th of april : Easter egg hunt in the park
- 5th, 6th and 7th of June : National event "Rendez vous au jardin"
- 19th, 20th and 21st of June : National Days of Archeology
- july and august : Tepidariums' dinners / 4 special summer evening dinners inspired by ancient times - menus, prices and timetables to consult on the website
- 25th and 26th of July : "Les Journées des Thermes" (Season's main event) - animations and exhibitions with historical reenactments
- 3th of August: classical music concert, a coproduction with Le Temps Suspendu festival and les Amis de Chassenon
- 1st of August (to be confirmed) : Evening show (free, with the Département de la Charente)
- 19th of september : meet-up of sport and old cars with the "Rallye" from the famous "Circuit des remparts"
- 19th and 20th of September : European Heritage Days (free access to the park)
- 16th, 17th and 18th of october : National Days of Architecture, one visit per day at 2:30 pm
- October 31rst and November the 1st : investigation game for families the 4thd edition (french speaking)!
- Conferences with the "Association des Amis de Chassenon" - 9th of May, 6th of June, 5th of September, 3th of October-timetables to consult on the website

Tarifs : tarif de base adulte 7€ (+1 € visite guidée)

Languages spoken

  • Anglais
  • Français


Boutique, Parking autocars, Restaurant, Parking, Aire de pique-nique


Site et monument historique

Conditions de visites

Visites guidées sur demande, Visites libres en permanence, Visites pédagogiques, Visites audio-guidées, Visites guidées


En intérieur, Au coeur d'un jardin / Parc, A la campagne, Au coeur d'un site patrimonial, En extérieur

On-site activities

Animation thématique spécifique, Atelier pour adultes, Atelier pour enfants, Conférences

Prestations spécifiques Enfants

OuiLivret de jeux, costumes et accessoires prêtés pour la visite, panneaux explicatifs spéciaux enfants, carrés de fouille archéologique, espace de jeux antiques

Jours de fermeture

Mardi, Lundi

Accueil groupes




Animals accepted


Rates 2020 (€)

  • Tarif groupe


  • Tarif de base - adulte plein tarif


  • Tarif enfant


  • Gratuité

    pour les moins de 6 ans

  • Tarif réduit


payment method

  • EspècesEspèces
  • Carte BancaireCarte Bancaire
  • Chèques vacancesChèques vacances
  • Chèques bancaires et postauxChèques bancaires et postaux


  • From sunday 5th april 2020 to sunday 3rd may 2020
    Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday10:00 - 18:00
  • From friday 1st may 2020 to tuesday 30th june 2020
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Thursday14:30 - 14:30
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday15:30 - 15:30
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday16:30 - 16:30
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