Église Notre-Dame de Royan, Royan (17200)


Cette église a été construite de 1955 à 1958 par l'architecte Guillaume Gillet, Grand Prix de Rome. Réalisée en béton armé brut de décoffrage, elle s'inscrit pleinement dans le mouvement de renouveau de l'art sacré des années d'après-guerre.
Architect: G. Gillet - Engineering: B. Laffaille and R Sarger This church was built from 1955 to 1958 by the architect Guillaume Gillet, Grand Prix de Rome. Made of reinforced concrete gross stripping, it is fully in the renewal movement of the sacred art of the postwar. The architect Guillaume Gillet recalls the gothic tradition of the spiritual quest of light, subject to the reduced volume of the support structure. Indeed, Gillet, associated with the engineer Bernard Lafaille has created a framework of reinforced concrete columns, shaped V, releasing a vast interior space. The roof, a thin veil (8-10 cm) horse saddle fits over all. In the thirties, Bernard Lafaille had developed this system of bearing walls in the shape of V - V Laffaille that bear his name - who after the war, were used to build many industrial buildings, including pavilions locomotives SNCF. This is the church of Royan that Laffaille V are used for the first time in sacred architecture. Notre Dame is a listed building since 1988 and will undergo restoration soon. The interior boasts sumptuous stained glass, designed largely by the architect Guillaume Gillet, and executed by the master glazier Henri Martin Granel and his son Jean-Baptiste. The Virgin of stained glass behind the altar, is due to the master glazier Claude Idoux. The organ, outstanding, are among the finest instruments of this type (six feet). They are the work of the organ builder Robert Boisseau. The instrument has 47 stops, 3 manuals and over 3600 pipes. It was classified a historical monument in 2004. The Notre Dame also has a quality sculptor, reflecting the revival of sacred art during the war boom. the Black Madonna Examples are due to Gaston Watkin, Grand Prix de Rome, the St. Theresa performed by Marsaudon Nadu, or even the many works of Jacques-Yves Perret.

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