From 2020/04/06 to 2020/09/25


In the heart of our vineyard, an exhibition in ten wooden chalets brings to life work in the vineyard and the winemaker’s job - history, culture and products: the enigmatic Pineau des Charentes and the legendary Cognac... Ten stages starting from winter through harvest, ageing and cooperage to enjoy interactively because each chalet provides special effects, dynamic lighting and the voiceovers of the owners. Le Cep Enchanté is above all a great family adventure: a father who talks about his job to his sons Antoine and Arthur so that they in turn can transmit the heritage one day ... There are two types of visit. - The paper-based quiz with different levels for children and adults. - The tablet-based quiz with just two levels – children and adults. In addition, you can spend a whole day at the Cep Enchanté thanks to our Swingolf – a nine-hole course set between truffle oaks and vines and accessible to people of all ages! Open between 18th April and 3rd July and from 1st to 29th September from 2pm to 5:30pm (shop only on Mondays); by appointment in the mornings. From 4th July to 31st August, 10:30am to 7pm daily except Monday. English tour and games translation. 2 ways to visit: - Either the paper quiz version: Several levels of games offered: (toddlers, school children, adults) - Either the game on touch pad: 2 levels of games offered: school children or adults. XO Escape Game, les mystères de l'assemblage. Sur réservation à partir de 16 ans.



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