Romantic thalassotherapy breaks: a new wave of sensory experiences

Thalassotherapy wellness treatments are having a make-over

Discover the health benefits of the latest treatments and enjoy magical moments for Romantic thalassotherapy.


Let your senses run free

A range of disciplines are harnessed, including aromatherapy, light therapy, hydrotherapy, music therapy and experience showers. Taken together, these will stimulate your senses of smell, touch, sight and hearing to help you relax.
Perfect for a romantic thalassotherapy break, this treatment’s holistic approach will bring your senses to life, combining fragrances, lighting effects, water jets, sounds and music.

Unwind to music

Lose yourself in the soundtrack of a program that’s tailored specifically to you and proven to promote relaxation. Enjoy top-quality spa treatments.
Music therapy can be highly effective at tackling pain, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and overmedication. This is because music naturally stimulates the production of feel-good neurotransmitters like endorphins and dopamine.
You can enjoy this technique in a range of thalassotherapy establishments. Either with a partner, your family or friends in a spa cabin, or else on your own in your room – try it using headphones or seated in a bubble chair.
You will be gently brought to a place of supreme relaxation in three stages: drifting off to sleep, repose and awakening. This method can noticeably reduce your stress levels over the long-term.
Music therapy research is ongoing and techniques are becoming more sophisticated. Some thalassotherapy centres are at the cutting-edge of this field. They are offering you the chance to try the latest equipment and approaches.

Shiver a little – it’s good for you!

Boost your energy levels to the max with the help of a whole-body cryotherapy chamber where you’ll experience temperatures of between -120 and -196°C for 2 to 3 minutes.
This intense cold will have a deep-down stress-relieving, tiredness-reducing effect – you’ll come out energized and more at peace.
Much-favoured by professional sportsmen and women, this treatment is sometimes offered as part of a romantic thalassotherapy break. It can lessen aches and pains, reduce swelling and speed up the recovery process following physical exertion or injuries.
This technique is also effective in combating sleep disorders, circulatory system problems (both lymph and blood), excess fat and cellulite. It’s even reputed to promote firmer, more supple skin.

A breath of fresh air for your body’s cells!

This year, why not combine the power of seawater-based treatments and hyperbaric oxygen therapy in a hyperbaric chamber?  This new technique is really taking the thalassotherapy world by storm!
When oxygen is at an ambient air pressure higher than normal atmospheric pressure, this enables more oxygen to be dissolved in the bloodstream and delivered to your body’s cells.
In the soothing surroundings of your hyperbaric chamber, embark on a treatment that will reduce stress, fatigue, migraines, irritability. It improve concentration and muscle

Love your gut

Thalassotherapy centres also want to care for your second brain – the gut. Why not explore the innovative approaches that centres are employing to help the gut relax?
Deep hydro-relaxation is a yoga breathing technique carried out in conditions of semi-weightlessness in heated seawater. Watertight headphones are placed over the ears. Floating in the saltwater pool, you’ll learn how to breathe in time with the waves through diaphragmatic breathing exercises, whilst simultaneously attaining a higher level of corporal consciousness.
Gut-focused yoga exercises will involve movements, poses and specific breathing techniques designed to gradually improve gut health in a way that will have a positive impact upon the entire body.
Also on offer is a special body massage technique derived from traditional Thai massage. An ambiance is created that is conducive to the technique, involving the right light and sound levels and even the right aromas. This technique will bring you a degree of relaxation that will free your body and mind thanks to deep breathing.

When you’re on your romantic thalassotherapy break, don’t forget to try out Chi Nei Tsang massage. Chi Nei Tsang means ‘working the energy of the internal organs’ and was developed from the Chinese system of physical exercises and breathing control, Qigong. Starting from the tummy and focusing on the body’s five major systems – the acupuncture meridian, nervous, tendon/muscles, vascular and lymphatic systems – this massage aims to eliminate negative emotions manifesting themselves in the abdominal area via a holistic approach to physical, mental and emotional health. A powerful treatment for the promotion of general well-being, Chi Nei Tsang massage will have a definite impact upon your body and state of mind.


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