Cognac & the vineyards

Welcome to a legendary vineyard

Cognac is internationally renowned and owes its great delicacy to this exceptional region with a climate tempered by the nearby ocean, as well as the skills of the people who have been making it since the 15th century.

The vineyards of Cognac cover almost 75,000 hectares across Charente and Charente-Maritime, representing the largest white grape vineyard in Europe. The vineyards of Cognac are bountiful by nature, offering gourmet delicacies, culture, heritage, landscape, festivals, gatherings and activities in all seasons. This is a perfectly balanced Vignobles et Découvertes certified destination for wine tourism. Head out to meet some of the 4,500 winemakers – men and women with special expertise and genuine warmth, who throw open the doors of their wineries and distilleries, where the stills provide some heat in the winter months. You can also look forward to discovering other gems from the vineyard, like Charente wines and the famous Pineau des Charentes. Finally, embrace the great cognac maisons (Baron Otard, Maison Camus, Hennessy, Martell, Rémy Martin, Maison Meukow and Courvoisier) and explore the deeper realms of your senses.

Cognac & the vineyards

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