Cuisine & local skills

Here, flavour is a serious business. Set between the land and the sea, the local terroir inspires our skilful food artisans and promises to tickle your taste buds. Talented men and women work to perpetuate and (re)invent local gastronomy and traditional expertise every day – how about going to meet them? Explore the variety of vineyards, either with the wine producer themselves or by visiting a large merchant hall. You’ll discover the intricacies of Cognac distillation, the subtleties of Pineau des Charentes and Charente wines, and even how the barrels get made...  On the coast, sit down at an oyster hut and enjoy a nice seafood platter while listening to the sound of the ocean. Head out to the salt marshes in search of salt merchants, those patient miners of white gold whose only co-workers include the sea, the sun and the wind. Foodies can share in an unforgettable culinary experience with a chef’s workshop and finally unearth an authentic local recipe for Cagouille! Fashion addicts won’t be able to resist the latest ‘must-have’ trend… a pair of stylish charentaise slippers that you’ll be only too glad to put on after an afternoon’s shopping. Perfect for pampering!

Cuisine & local skills

Meet our best craftspeople

pan of cagouilles à la charentaise,
The Atlantic Cognac specialties
Charentais specialities

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Fellow food lovers, today we’ve made a date in Charente and Charente-Maritime to discover the delicacies they…

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