The historic treasure trail of Saintonge and Aunis

This historic route takes in the most renowned sites in Charente 

Explore the historic treasures of Saintonge by walking along the route of the treasures. Fly over 40,000 years of history. Journey down a path that leads from the prehistoric era to the present day.

There are seven suggested circuits that help you to explore civilian, military and religious sites which each boast remarkable architectural treasures, while keeping your travel to a minimum.

Around Royan: the town of Royan, the Caves of Regulus and Sablonceaux Abbey

Regulus caves

Around Château de La Roche-Courbon: explore Château de Crazannes, Château de Panloy and the treasures of Lisette

Tours of the Château de Crazannes

Saintes and Fontdouce Abbey

culture and heritage Charentes

Upper Saintonge, around Jonzac: Jonzac, Château de Beaulon, Pons Keep

Around Marennes: explore Fort Louvois, Château de Saint-Jean-d’Angle and Trizay Abbey

Fort Louvois

Around La Rochelle: the town centre and the La Rochelle Fine Arts Museum, Surgères and Château de Buzay