Sleep in a château: an extraordinary time-travelling experience!

Live out a fairy tale in the lap of luxury

Spending a château experience in Charentes is without doubt one of the most unforgettable experiences you could ever have – especially if you can share it with your partner, family or friends. You’ll be sure to adore this unique get-away with its equally unusual (and luxurious) accommodation, redolent of history and utterly spell-binding.
Sleep in a château in France

A night like no other in an age-old château

Old stone walls, sumptuous decorations, keeps and hidden doors are just some of the treasures you’ll discover on your break. The various castles which welcome overnight guests are expert at casting light upon the built heritage and history of Charente and Charente-Maritime.
Certain castles were constructed between the Middle Ages and the 19th century, especially during the Renaissance period. They were later renovated so they could be opened to the general public. These have retained the awe-inspiring majesty of the castles of yesteryear. In some places, you can even sleep in a real medieval castle, some of which have been preserved in their original state.
Feel free to quiz the owners about the ancient myths associated with these buildings.
Occasionally, you can enjoy historical re-enactments and living history-style markets. They will whisk you back to the time when these buildings were first erected. These activities offer a chance to witness bygone practices. Likewise, you can watch craftspeople keeping traditional skills alive.
The huge ‘great halls’ of these buildings offer the perfect backdrop for very special occasions such as weddings or major anniversaries or birthdays. You could enjoy an evening to remember in entrancing surroundings, sleep in a wonderful château, then savour a delicious breakfast on the patio outside, with living history and stunning scenery as companions.

Themed breaks for families

Budding knights or sorcerers, princes and princesses for an evening… Your kids will just love these places ! They offer the perfect springboard for all the adventures their riotous imaginations can dream up! Some castle owners may even be able to provide you with costumes, just ask!
The sheer scale and air of majesty of our castles is often remarked upon by guests. Inside, the dimensions are jaw-dropping, ceilings soaring overhead. Outside, the grounds often extend over many acres. Together, they make for a great playground for mini-explorers.
After a day jam-packed with adventures and non-stop escapades, you can relax by a cosy fire – often surrounded by an enormous decorative fireplace. Then, tell the kids tales of chivalry and magic.

A very romantic weekend

Sleeping in a château gives you and your partner a chance to escape the everyday and live the dream! This romantic, completely original weekend will take you to another level completely!
The fairy tale setting will make you forget all that’s humdrum. It will make your hearts sway in time with the music of love! Get cosy in the royal suite and relax together in the spa. Make the most of the extensive grounds for a hand-in-hand sunset stroll with your beloved. Back at the château, enjoy the spectacle of the sky at night or the castle itself. In fact, often castles are lit up at night-time.
Well-lit pathways will take you to top restaurants for a delightful banquet of seasonal. It’s perfect to eat local produce cooked to perfection by the best chefs.
After all that, luxuriate back in your elegantly-appointed suite and savour an instant that transcends time and space.
visit the castle in love

A wide range of amenities

Many châteaux in the Charentes region have been restored and offer modern, top-quality amenities fit for a king and guaranteed to deliver a supremely comfortable stay for guests.
Sports-lovers will enjoy the many activities available at various châteaux, including swimming pools, cycling, gyms, keep-fit equipment, golf courses, tennis courts and sometimes even horse-riding. Some castles have their own spa facilities to help you unwind.
Culture vultures and web addicts will have access to wifi, books and sometimes even musical instruments.
Some estates can also offer private chauffeur-driven tours.
So, if you’d like to get away from it all in a stunning, absolutely unforgettable setting, immerse yourself in an enchanting world where the past feels like you can reach out and touch it, where your imagination can run riot – and also have the very latest top-of-the-range amenities – why not embark on the amazing, inspirational adventure that is a night in a château in Charentes!